TMHcon is a software to predict helix-helix contacts specifically within the transmembrane parts of membrane proteins. It includes predictions by two different neural networks, one developed for helix-helix contacts on all transmembrane helix pairs and one specifically tailored for the prediction of helix-helix contacts lying on non-neighboring transmembrane helices.


The newest version supports blast+ and has a slightly changed graph output.


You can download the software here: download directory (current version of 25/12/2010)
For details concerning the execution of the program please consult the instructions page .
For further support and questions please email us: a.kirschner (at) or a.fuchs (at)


Fuchs A*, Kirschner A*, Frishman D. Prediction of helix-helix contacts and interacting helices in polytopic membrane proteins using neural networks. Proteins. 2009 Mar;74(4):857-71. PubMed PMID: 18704938.
* authors contributed equally