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Concept of Complex Functionality

ProfCom has unique profiling engine. Do current annotation vocabularies cover all possible biological functions? Can they cover them in the future? The space of possible biological functions is almost infinite. However to control it one does not need an infinite number of functional terms. Any language contains a limited number of words but through grammar rules these words can be transformed into an almost infinite number of sentences which allow the expression of almost any idea. In a similar way ProfCom construct new biological functions from available annotation vocabularies. The three logical operations (“AND”, “OR”, “EXCLUDE”) play the role of grammar rules and cover almost infinite number of different biological functions.

Figure 1 .Illustration of the complex functionality concept. The sets of all genes is presented as the biggest ellipse, (a) the functional categories f1, f2, f3 are shown as subsets. The three operations to construct a complex function are illustrated: intersection (b), union (c) and difference (d).

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Please cite: Antonov AV*, Schmidt T*, Wang Y, Mewes HW. (*equal joint first authors)
ProfCom: a web tool for profiling the complex functionality of gene groups identified from high-throughput data.
Nucleic Acids Res. 2008 May 6.