Organism:Homo Sapiens

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GO:001602015(73)3839(33024) 8.98e-01 KDELR3, CYP1B1, ERBB2, NID2, GGT1, GPC3, LBP, MAL, MYOC, FXYD2, PTPRM, PVR, SLC6A12, ITM2B, PSCDBP(CC)membrane
GO:00468729(73)1810(33024) 5.62e-01 CPM, CYP1B1, HGD, HMOX1, IGFBP3, SOD2, PDXK, CDA, NR1H4(MF)metal ion binding
GO:00056159(73)419(33024) 2.41e-04 IGFBP1, IL6, LBP, ORM1, PTHLH, PVR, RBP4, SPP1, TCN2(CC)extracellular space
GO:00057378(73)936(33024) 9.55e-02 COL4A1, COL4A2, CRYAB, EEF1A2, ANXA4, PTHLH, PVR, WARS(CC)cytoplasm
GO:00056348(73)3322(33024) 9.97e-01 NDRG1, CRYAB, EEF1A2, FOXO1A, MITF, PTHLH, TCF2, NR1H4(CC)nucleus
GO:00055158(73)2582(33024) 9.59e-01 TOB1, COMP, LAMB1, LAMC1, MCAM, PLS3, SPP1, PSCDBP(MF)protein binding
GO:00071557(73)487(33024) 1.10e-02 COMP, CSPG2, NID2, LAMB1, LAMC1, MCAM, SPP1(BP)cell adhesion
GO:00058877(73)1005(33024) 2.37e-01 FGFR3, GPC3, MAL, MCAM, PTPRM, SLC6A12, ITM2B(CC)integral to plasma membrane
GO:00055767(73)432(33024) 5.85e-03 COMP, DEFB1, ERBB2, GPX3, IGFBP1, IGFBP3, STC1(CC)extracellular region
GO:00001667(73)1483(33024) 6.22e-01 EEF1A2, ERBB2, FGFR3, HSPA2, PCCA, WARS, PDXK(MF)nucleotide binding
GO:0016020, GO:00160216(73)2396(33024) 9.87e-01 KDELR3, ERBB2, GGT1, LBP, FXYD2, PVR(CC)membrane | (CC)integral to membrane
GO:0000166, GO:00055246(73)995(33024) 3.81e-01 ERBB2, FGFR3, HSPA2, PCCA, WARS, PDXK(MF)nucleotide binding | (MF)ATP binding
GO:00055786(73)197(33024) 4.65e-04 COMP, CSPG2, GPC3, SPP1, TIMP2, TFPI2(CC)extracellular matrix (sensu Metazoa)
GO:00055096(73)812(33024) 2.21e-01 COMP, CSPG2, NID2, ANXA4, PLS3, PTHLH(MF)calcium ion binding
GO:00052016(73)81(33024) 3.34e-06 COL4A1, COL4A2, COMP, LAMB1, LAMC1, TFPI2(MF)extracellular matrix structural constituent