This collection of links summarizes sites dealing with correlated mutations mainly in soluble proteins. This can be webservers, which can be used to predict correlated mutations, or sites offering software to download.

  • CorrMut: Detection of correlated mutations in intermediate-sized protein families by incorporating phylogenetic information.
  • CAPS: Detection of intra- or inter-molecular compensatory changes from stochastic or phylogenetic co-evolution.
  • OMES-KASS : Detection of correlated mutations using a chi-square test. Includes a procedure to reduce evolutionary noise.
  • Recon server : Prediction of correlated mutations using an additional set of selection filters to reduce the number of false positives.
  • Fodor package : Program package including implementations for several prediction algorithms for correlated mutations.
  • PDGcon server : Contact prediction server with the possibility to choose correlated mutations for contact prediction.
  • CORNET server : Neural network based contact predictor incorporating correlated mutations.