HelixCorr is a software to predict correlated mutations specifically for the transmembrane parts of membrane proteins. It includes predictions obtained by several individual prediction algorithms and combines them to a consensus prediction.


You can download the software here: HelixCorr (current version of 05/11/2008)
After downloading the program extract it using the command tar -xvf HelixCorr.tar
For details concerning the execution of the program please consult the included README file or read the instructions page .
For further support and questions please email me: a.fuchs (at)


A webserver version of HelixCorr is currently in development.


Fuchs A.,Martin-Galiano A.J.,Kalman M.,Fleishman S.,Ben-Tal N. and Frishman D. (2007) Co-Evolving Residues in Membrane Proteins. Bioinformatics, 24, 3312-3319.